April 2009

Going Green

By Charlene B. Cook DVM

 Itís become a popular phrase these days but here at CGES we too are trying our best to reduce waste, reuse materials where applicable and recycle materials to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

 We started earlier this year by reducing our paper usage. We now mail invoices and statements electronically whenever possible. By reducing paper use, we save a few trees, reduce pollution to the environment from paper mills and we reduce our usage of ink in our copiers. By sending invoices and statements electronically it saves postage. All of this helps to control our costs and results in lower fees to you. You can help us to achieve our goals of being 100% paperless by making sure that we have your email address on file.

We also took paperless one step further by switching to the Global VetLink Coggins test system. Our February newsletter featured this system. We still have to draw a fresh blood sample from your horse but we no longer draw pictures of the horse on a multi-page document. Now we take photos of your horse which are uploaded electronically onto the Global VetLink site. The lab sends the test results electronically to GlobalVetlink and then the completed form is sent to us electronically and finally sent to you electronically. Thatís a lot of information flying through the air! More importantly itís less paper, more trees saved, less postage and ultimately a cost savings to you.

Our research found the Happy Hour School Recycling Program here in Warner Robins. Since 1957 the Happy Hour Service Center has been serving the developmentally disabled citizens of Houston County. Happy Hour is a non-profit 501 c(3) organization and a United Way Agency which is CARF accredited. Consumers are trained in daily living skills, communication skills, social skills, and work adjustment skills. Each consumer is guided toward reaching his or her fullest potential. Happy Hour employs consumers in various areas: assisting with cooking and preparing lunch; tearing rags; destroying blueprints and recycling computer paper; tearing blueprints; recycling newspaper and cardboard; assembling and packaging hospital kits; printing and labeling newsletters. The Specialized Employment program involves consumers working on Robins AFB contracts of tool denumbering, and respirator cleaning. The Advanced Employment program employs adults in various businesses throughout Houston County. These people hold regular jobs and receive support services from our staff of job coaches.

Through their program we now recycle paper, cardboard and aluminum. Nearly all of our drug shipments arrive in cardboard boxes; fluids, syringes, needles, bandages and supplements are all packaged in cardboard. We also found paper in use where we werenít expecting it; many of our sterilization wrappers have a paper backing, they now go to Happy Hour as well. Aluminum cans were obvious but every bottle of fluids we open has an aluminum ring. Many of our vaccines and injectables also have aluminum rings. Every 2 weeks the Happy Hour recycling truck stops at the CGES facility and takes our recyclables to their plant for processing. We feel itís a win-win-win situation for CGES, Happy Hour and the environment.

Every year we try to do something to improve our facility. This year we have replaced all of our stall light fixtures with new energy efficient fluorescent fixtures. Previously every stall had a 200 watt bulb so that we could achieve adequate lighting to care for our patients. Now as an added bonus the light in the stalls is much brighter and we have saving electricity!

Weíre not through, we continue to look for ways to add more recycling, reduce the waste produced by our business and continue as good stewards of our environment.

New Arrivals

Tom Batten raises fine racing Quarter Horses in Douglas. His stallion King Corona is rapidly developing a reputation for top offspring. He was thrilled with a fine bay colt out of the great mare Sinus Pressure conceived by embryo transfer.

Vicky Crowell likes pretty-colored Quarter Horses. She was thrilled when her Quarter Horse mare Miss Sonny Justice had a lovely dun filly by her stallion.

In Hawkinsville Debbie Erick raises world class Appaloosas, she was thrilled with two nice foals out of her mares DeeDee and AweViance.

The Kenneth Hancock family was very excited when their Paint mare had a pinto colt. Simon Says Spots is already being trained by their daughter for Half Arabian competition.

Paul & Barbara Siegfried of Hawkinsville selectively breed for Quarter Horses that excel in reining competition. They were tickled with a fine sorrel colt out of their mare Mellow Yellow Chex.

In Byron Kathleen Stanley was much relieved when her mare Philadelphia finally foaled. Carried for 365 days, Kathleen says her cute colt was worth the wait.

In Perry Corrine Van Etten raises Miniature horses, she was ecstatic when her mare Lassie had a palomino colt.

Friends We Have Lost

April marked the passing of three of our oldest and most loved patients. All three of these horses had been with their family for many years. We understand that losing a senior horse can be a very painful event. May your hearts be filled with many fond memories.

Lisa Bissell - Grandma Gem
Monday Montford - Rosie
The Neil Skipper family - Buckingham Square

Well that's all for now, we hope you enjoyed our newsletter, please keep us posted on the news and events in your world.