Back To School

Back To School
Did you know that veterinarians have to attend continuing education courses every year? In fact we do, Georgia state law mandates that each licensed veterinarian must attend 15 hours of continuing education each year in order to retain their license to practice.
The continuing education or CE for short can take many forms. It can be lectures, online courses or professional seminars. Remember back in high school and college when most of us were looking forward to the last test we would ever have to take? CE takes on a whole new meaning because this time you are back in school because you want to. There are so many courses and seminars on hundreds of subjects that it is easy to take classes on the subjects that interest you the most or on the subject areas where you need the most improvement.
This year the staff at CGES has been busy attending and participating in a variety of CE opportunities.

In July Dr. Cook and our staff farrier Rick Talbert attended the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners Equine Foot Symposium in Orlando, Florida. This 2 day symposium included two days of lectures by world renowned experts in the field of equine podiatry, lameness and anatomy. Topics included:
  • Hoof Cracks: Causes, Repair and Treatment
  • Repairing Quarter Cracks and Wall Separations
  • The Mirage of the Natural Foot
  • An Objective Assessment of Hoof Balance
  • Shoeing the Horse with Tendon and Ligament Injury
  • A Mechanical Perspective on Laminitis
  • Caudal Heel Pain
  • Trimming and Shoeing the Young Horse

There was also a trade show featuring the latest in specialty shoes, hoof packing products and hoof supplements, farrier and veterinary supplies. But by far the best part on this symposium for me was the Hands-0n Anatomy Lab which was led by Mitch Taylor.

Veterinarians and farriers worked in teams to dissect an entire limb and review the anatomy together. It was a fantastic refresher course and gave everyone a new look at the anatomical specimens that cause lameness in horses.

Later in September Dr. Catherine Hall and farrier Rick Talbert attended the International Equine Conference on Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot in Palm Beach Florida. This two day seminar offered session for both veterinarians, farriers and owners on a variety of topics including shoeing, medical management and surgical procedures for these cases.

I also believe in educating others. On March 19 our client
 education seminar, "Straight From The Horses Mouth" focused on dentistry.

 We had live demonstrations of dental care, a movie theater, a "Guess the Horses' Age" contest, and radiographs, tools, teeth and skulls all on display.

 Door prizes and a barbecue lunch completed the event.

On November 12th CGES hosted our first every Farrier’s Seminar on the topic of “How to Glue-On Shoes”. Our featured clinical was farrier Camp Thomas of Ocala, Florida who specializes in the application of glue-on shoes. This one day seminar featured lectures by Camp Thomas and Rick Talbert, a live shoeing demonstration by Camp Thomas and a review of the lameness examination process by Dr. Cook.

 After lunch a hands on lab for farriers to apply shoes to cadaver limbs allowed farriers to experience the entire process under the guidance of an expert.

Most recently Dr. Cook attended the American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Convention in San Antonio, Texas. This 4 days meeting features presentation on every subject including reproduction, internal medicine, lameness, surgery, neurology, radiology and much more. The hard part is choosing which lectures to attend as there are 5 presentations being held at any one time.

 In addition there is a huge trade show that covers an area larger than a football field.

Vendors have every imaginable item from trucks to farrier tools, surgical instruments to stalls, and all of the latest products in a dazzling display that would rival Times Square.

 This convention draws veterinarians from all over the world, with over 4000 veterinarians and 3003 exhibitors it is a huge event.

Next week Dr. Catherine Hall will be attending the Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue course on equine rescue. Held in Gray this 3 day meeting provides both lectures and hands on field work to learn the techniques needed.

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Well that’s all for now, I hoped you enjoyed this insight into the world of CGES.
Thank you for being a part of our world.