January 2009

New Year – New Changes

There is something refreshing about starting a new year. It's a chance to start over, a chance to set new records and a time to challenge yourself with new goals. At this particular time with the challenges in our economy a fresh start may be just what the doctor ordered.

Here at Central Georgia Equine Services we’ve made several changes; our website has had a complete makeover and although it’s taken much longer than anticipated we think you’ll find that the resulting website was worth the wait. We encourage you to visit our new website at www.equineservices.com. You will find a more complete list of services that we offer, new updates on our staff and a library of resources including previous newsletters and a health care library. You’ll notice that we’re not completely finished with the website; it is very much a work in progress. Check back often to view changes and additions to the site. Look closely, you may recognize some familiar faces in the pages.

We’ve also updated our newsletter format which will now come to you in an html format that should download quicker and easier. Please let us know if you have any trouble loading or viewing the newsletter.

2009 also has brought us enhanced laboratory capabilities. We have added the Abaxis Hematology and Chemistry systems. We can now have complete laboratory results on your horse in 12 minutes. This is especially important for us with intensive care cases but it is also helping us to make therapeutic changes while you are here in the office. If you need medication or a change in treatment we can make that decision quickly.

Finally we have added digital radiography to our diagnostic capability. Our digital system allows us to take radiographs with instant imaging available in seconds. This system is powerful and allows us to image larger parts of the horse such as the head, neck and stifle that were difficult to image before. In addition the digital radiographs are stored in our internet Pacs system. We can give you a link so that you may view your radiographs at any time. We can also send images to other veterinarians for their opinion.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new look and functionality of our website and newsletter. Our new laboratory equipment and digital radiography system should help us take better care of your horse than ever before.

New Arrivals

Craig and Kathy Duke welcomed a new Appaloosa filly by reserve world champion stallion Private Password out of their mare Skipthebriteremarks. She is appropriately being called “Precious”.

Central Georgia Equine Services has a classy new black colt by world champion stallion Ted Williams out of the mare Generator’s Dateline. We have all been very entertained watching him play.

Friends We Have Lost

It was a very somber day for Kelly Cretors and her family as 32 year old American Saddlebred mare Gift O’ Stonewall was laid to rest with a fateful case of colic.

Colic also claimed the life of Al & Mark Jane Simpson’s’ 20 year old Arabian gelding, Flame.

Saralyn Hiley bid a sad farewell to 31 year old Mathew due to the infirmities of old age. Mathew had been a member of the family for many years.

Kathy James had enjoyed a successful jumping career with her mare Miss Teeny. Miss Teeny had a reputation for being somewhat difficult but the pair was very successful in the jumper ring. It was truly a sad day when a fractured leg resulted in her euthanasia.

The Danielle Miller family bid farewell to their friend Izzy.

Neurologic disease claimed the life of Betsy, the family horse of Harriet Skipper.

Marjorie Sugrue had imported a beautiful grey colt from Egypt named Badr El Zeman. She had selected him herself years ago and then enjoyed watching him develop as his career blossomed. We are truly saddened by her loss when severe laminitis claimed his life at the age of 22.